Before filing a trademark application, a trademark or (service mark) search may be performed.  The purpose of the trademark is to find out if your mark, or a mark similar, has been applied for or registered.  A trademark search is optional and not required.

Before conducting a trademark search or preparing a trademark application, we usually will ask the client to complete our Trademark Questionnaire.

After filing the trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the application will be examined and the USPTO will usually send an Office Action in about 5-6 months.  The examiner may refuse registration if the mark causes a likelihood of confusion with a previously filed mark or a registered mark.  If the applicant received such an Office Action, the applicant can file a Response to attempt to pursuade the examiner that there is no likelihood of confusion.

Or the examiner may want other changes in the application, or it may be allowed and published for opposition, and if no one opposes the mark, then it will be registered so long as the applicant has used the mark and submitted a specimen to the USPTO.